International Editorial Board

Fernando Azpiroz (Barcelona, Spain)
Elisabetta Buscarini (Crema, Italy)
Daniel Dhumeaux (Creteil, France)
Petr Dite (Brno, Czech Republik)
Joost P.H. Drenth (Nijmegen, NL)
Douglas A. Drossman (Chapel Hill,NC,USA)
Jean Francois Dufour (Bern, Switzerland)
Peter Ferenci (Vienna, Austria)
Colin Howden (Chicago, IL, USA)
John R. Lake (Minneapolis, MN, USA)
Frank Lammert (Homburg/Saar, Germany) Grigorios Leontiadis (Hamilton, ON, Canada) Peter Malfertheiner (Magdeburg, Germany)
Rui Tato Marinho (Lisbon, Portugal)

Francesco Marotta (Milan, Italy)
John F. Mayberry (Leicester, UK)
Chris J.J. Mulder (Amsterdam, NL)
Piero Portincasa (Bari, Italy)
Chris Probert (Liverpool, UK)
Claudio Puoti (Rome, Italy)
Eamonn M.M. Quigley (Houston, TX, USA)
Vlad Ratziu (Paris, France)
Michael Sackmann (Bamberg, Germany)
David Sanders (Sheffield, UK)
Eugene R. Schiff (Miami, FL, USA)
Guido N.J. Tytgat (Amsterdam, NL)
Radu Tutuian (Bern, Switzerland)

Romanian Editorial Board

Vasile Andreica (Cluj)
Radu I. Badea (Cluj)
Mircea Diculescu (Bucharest)
Cristian Gheorghe (Bucharest)
Liana Gheorghe (Bucharest)
Adrian Goldis (Timisoara)
Mircea Grigorescu (Cluj)
Oliviu Pascu (Cluj)

Irinel Popescu (Bucharest)
Paul Jurgen Porr (Sibiu)
Adrian Săftoiu (Craiova)
Ioan Sporea (Timişoara)
Carol Stanciu (Iaşi)
Eugen Târcovean (Iaşi)
Anca Trifan (Iasi)
Mihai Voiculescu (Bucharest)

English language Editor

Sally Wood-Lamont (Cluj)

Biostatistical Consultant

Teodora Mocan (Cluj)

Romanian Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (President: Prof. Ioan Sporea, Timisoara)
Romanian Society of Digestive Endoscopy (President: Prof. Adrian Saftoiu, Craiova)
Romanian Association for the Study of the Liver (President: Prof. Mihai Voiculescu, Bucuresti)
Romanian Society of Neurogastroenterology (President: Assoc. Prof. Vasile Drug, Iasi)

Romanian Crohn's and Colitis Club (President: Assoc. Prof. Liana Gheorghe)

The web site of the Romanian Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology is

Thank to our international Reviewers 2013

We thank most sincerely the outstanding personalities listed below for their contribution as reviewers of submitted manuscripts in 2013. They joined the members of the Editorial Committee in selecting the best manuscripts for publication. Without their expertise, we would not have succeeded to increase the quality of the journal and its Impact Factor, which has reached 1.855 for 2012, with a five-year Impact Factor 1.924. The number of the manuscripts received worldwide in 2013 has been 800 and hopefully will increase in the next years, allowing further development of the journal.
The Reviewers list has also been published on the journal website

Abenavoli Ludovico, Catanzaro, Italy
Arama Victoria, Bucharest, Romania
Arvanitakis Marianna, Brussels, Belgium
Asahina Kinji, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Ascione Antonio, Naples, Italy
Bassetti Matteo, Udine, Italy
Beales L.P. Ian, Norwich, UK
Bertino Gaetano, Catania, Italy
Bickston J Stephen, Richmond, VA, USA
Bohle Wolfram, Stuttgart, Germany
Bolog Nicolae, Bucharest, Romania
Caccialanza Riccardo, Pavia, Italy
Cainap Calin, Cluj, Romania
Constantinescu Ileana, Bucharest, Romania
Costa Francesco, Pisa, Italy
Crisan Doina, Cluj, Romania
Del Chiaro Marco, Stockholm, Sweden
Elsing Christoph, Dorsten, Germany
Falk Rauchfuss, Jena, Germany
Fernandez Juan, Barcelona, Spain
Fernandez Salguero M. Pedro, Badajoz, Spain
Festi Davide, Modena, Italy
Fodor Dana, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Friedland Shay, Palo Alto, CA, USA
Fries Walter, Messina, Italy
Fujita Tetsuji, Tokyo, Japan
Gibson N. Robert, Melbourne, Australian
Girardin Marc, Geneva, Switzerland
Giuseppe Cabbibo, Palermo, Italy
Goll Rasmus, Tromso, Norway
Gruttadauria Salvatore, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Hippo Yoshitaka, Tokyo, Japan
Iglesias-Garcia Julio, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Ionescu Dana, Cluj, Romania
Kaul Rashmi, Tulsa, OK, USA
Kennedy Nick, Edinburgh, UK
Kita Hiroto, Saitama, Japan
Krag Aleksander, Odense, Denmark
Ladero M. Jose, Madrid, Spain
Lakatos Peter, Budapest, Hungary
Lasson Anders, Boras, Sweden
Leoni Simona, Bologna, Italy
Leontiadis Grigorios, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Lukas Milan, Praga, Czech Republic
Lupsor Monica, Cluj, Romania
Mantzaris Gerassimos, Athens, Greece
Matull Giuseppe, Turin, Italy
Montagnese Sara, Padova, Italy
Moum Bjorn, Fredrikstad, Norway
Mueller Sebastian, Heidelberg, Germany
Munteanu Mona, Paris, France
Nakatsura Tetsuya, Chiba, Japan
Nancey Stephane, Lyon, France
Oetting S. William, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Pappas Georgios, Bologna, Italy
Pellicano Rinaldo, Turin, Italy
Pelzer Uwe, Berlin, Germany
Pichler Martin, Graz, Austria
Rednic Simona, Cluj, Romania
Regula Jan,Warsaw, Poland
Reiberger Thomas, Vienna, Austria
Robotin Monica, Sydney, Australia
Roman Gabriela, Cluj, Romania
Romero-Castro Rafael, Sevilla, Spain
Rostami Kamram, Stafford, UK
Rust Mireen Friedrich, Frankfurt, Germany
Rutkowski Piotr, Warsaw, Poland
Sackmann Michael, Bamberg, Germany
Sanders David, Sheffield, UK
Savarino Eduardo, Padua, Italy
Scaldaferri Franco, Rome, Italy
Sieg Andreas, Heidelberg, Germany
Singal Ashwan, Rochester, MN, SUA
Stefanescu Horia, Cluj, Romania
Talieri Maroulio, Athens, Greece
Tarantino Giovanni, Palermo, Italy
Testoni Pier Alberto, Milan, Italy
Toth Ervin, Malmo, Sweden
Trifan Anca, Iasi, Romania
Tringali Andrea, Rome, Italy
Tsoulfas Georgios, Thessaloniki, Greece
Urcelay Elena, Madrid, Spain
Weber Marc Andre, Heidelberg, Germany
Yamao Kenji, Nagoy, Japan
Zullo Angelo, Rome, Italy

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