RJGE 1/1998

Original articles
Endoscopic hemostasis with a multipolar probe for non variceal lesions in upper gastrointestinal tract: a prospective study
D. Djurdjevic, V. Vukcevik, S. Kazik

The effect of Pinaverium on the bile passage into duodenum in healthy humans: a radioisotopic study
D.L.Dumitrascu, A. Nebunescu, S. Cotul, I. Tamas, M. Dragoteanu

Cholelithiasis and colorectal cancer

M. Cazacu, D. Dejica, R. Badea, C. Lungoci, R. Galasiu

Toxic liver injury a clinical analysis
M. Wawrzynowicz-Syczwesk, G. Kulig, Z. Sych, M. Zwierzchoniewska, A. Boron

A histological study of the liver of rats intoxicated with CCl4 and treated with Pentoxifiline
R. Mihaila, M. Deac, L. Safta, T. Gospodariu, A. Boicean, D. Cosma

Osteoporosis in liver diseases

F.H. J. Wolfhagen

Case reports

Caroli s disease- complicated by biliary lithiasis and cholangitis
M. Marin, C. Iancu, O. Chira, Z. Sparchez, D. Dumitra, M. Tantau, R. Badea,
A. Campeanu

Metastatic ileal carcinoid-the therapeutic odyssey is forthcoming
L. Liana Gheorghe, A. Croitoru, G. Aposteanu, G. Bercheanu, V. Herlea, O. Amza, S. Georgescu, C. Popescu, I. Popescu

Education in gastroenerology

Gastroenterology and hepatology Quiz (HQ1)
Liana Gheorghe

Clinical imaging
Contrast ultrasonography in the exploration of hepatic tumors
R. Badea, A. Petrica

Clips and loops in gastrointestinal bleeding
C. Banciu