Sphincterotomy with Radio Frequency Surgery: a New Treatment Technique of Fissure in Ano and Associated Pathologies

Pravin J. Gupta

M.S (General Surgery), Consulting Proctologist, Nagpur, India


Background. Anal fissures are dealt with using traditional approaches aiming at relieving the anal spasm and minimizing the anal sphincter pressure. Nevertheless, pathologies like sentinel tags, anal papillae, anal polyps, or small hemorrhoids which are often associated with chronic fissures are either considered innocuous, therefore left untreated, or are removed by conventional techniques.

Material and methods. In this retrospective, non- rando-mized study, we performed lateral internal sphincterotomy, which was followed by radio frequency surgical procedures to eliminate the associated pathologies mentioned above.

Results. In all, 283 patients were studied. All the patients treated by the method of lateral subcutaneous internal sphincterotomy followed by radio frequency surgical procedure for aforesaid associated pathologies were made comfortable on account of the reduction in pain and irritation during defecation, the pricking or foreign body sensation in the anus and pruritus or wetness around the anal verge. A follow up after 18 months showed that only 7 % of patients had recurrence of symptoms or local signs.

Conclusion. This combined approach has been found to be an effective, easy and quick way of treating chronic fissure in ano with associated pathologies.


Fissure in ano - anal papillae - fibrous polyps - sphinctero-tomy - radio frequency surgery