RJGE Vol.14, No.3, September 2005
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The feasibility of FOBT tests in colorectal cancer screening in Dobrogea

A.I.Suceveanu, A.Suceveanu, E.Dumitru, L.Alexandrescu, F.Voinea

Evaluation of viral replication in children with chronic hepatitis B with and without Interferon treatment

C.Lazăr, P.Grigorescu-Sido, R.Manasia, S.Mirestean, C.Skorka, D.Neculoiu,

            G.Molnar, S.Cocean

Nitric oxide in patients with chronic liver diseases

A.E.Pârvu, V.Negrean, L.Plesca-Manea, A.Cosma, A.Drăghici, A.Uifălean,


Improvement of hepatic encephalopathy using a modified high-calorie high-protein diet  

L.Gheorghe, R.Iacob, R.Vădan, S.Iacob, C.Gheorghe

The effect of chromoendoscopy on the diagnostic improvement of gastric ulcers by endoscopists with different levels of experience

N.Ratiu, H.C.Rath, R.Büttner, C.Gelbmann, F.Klebl, F.Kullmann, G.Rogler, U.G.Strauch, J.Schölmerich, H.Messmann


Endoscopic tattoo of the colon might be standardized to locate tumors intra-operatively

N.Aboosy, C.J.J.Mulder, F.J.Berends, J.W.R.Meijer, A.A.V.Sorge

Minimally invasive treatment of hepatic hydatid cysts

S.O.Georgescu, L.Dubei, E.Târcoveanu, C.Bradea, D.Lăzescu, F.Crumpei, I.Stratan




Specifics of Helicobacter pylori infection/NSAID effects in the elderly

 M.Davidovic, P.Svorcan, P.Milanovic, A.Antovic, D.Milosevic

New therapeutical indications of ursodeoxycholic acid

I.Copaci, L.Micu, L.Iliescu, M.Voiculescu  


Successful treatment of an adult with Amanita phalloides - induced fulminant liver failur e with molecular adsorbent recirculating system (MARS)

C.Lionte, L.Sorodoc, V.Simionescu

Gastrointestinal lymphomatous polyposis - clinical, endoscopical and evolution features. A case report

M.Tantău, A.Tantău, T.Zaharia, A.Cucuianu

Acute massive gastric dilatation: severe ischemia and gastric necrosis without perforation

S.Luncă, A.Rikkers, A.Stănescul

A particular case of a “captive forceps” in the esophagus

F.Calotă, C.Mesină, V.Surlin, I.Vasile

Solitary rectal ulcer mimicking a malignant stricture: A case report

E.Perrakis, A.Vezakis, G.Velimezis, D.Filippou 


Dynamic MR imaging of outlet obstruction

N.Bolog, D.Weishaupt 


Assessment of the quality of colonoscopy in Romania

I.Sporea, A.Popescu, R.Sirli, M.Dănilă