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1H NMR spectroscopic study of blood serum for the assessment of liver function in liver
transplant patients
P. Goldsmith, K. Raj Prasad, N. Ahmad, J. Fisher

P. Tripathi, L. Bala, R. Saxena, S.K. Yachha, R. Roy, C.L. Khetrapal

The diagnostic yield of gastrointestinal investigations also depends on criteria for iron
deficiency anaemia
O.M.P. Jolobe

Brown colon (melanosis coli) harbouring pale tumors (adenocarcinoma and an adenomatous polyp)
G. Puppa, R. Colombari

Splenic marginal zone lymphoma in a patient with chronic hepatitis B
Leonidas Christou, Georgios Kalambokis, Maria Bai, Sevasti Kamina, Epameinondas V. Tsianos

Acute pancreatitis during pegylated interferon therapy in a patient with chronic hepatitis B
Rodolph K. Vignon, Hassan Seddik, F. Rouibaa, H. En-Nouali, N. Kabbaj, A. Benkirane

A tough case to swallow: esophageal intramural pseudodiverticulosis
N.K.H. de Boer, J.H.C. Peters, J.Ph. Kuyvenhoven

Helicobacter pylori infection and correlation with upper gastrointestinal pathologies:
an eleven-year trend
V.H. Chong, P.U. Telisinghe, A. Jalihal

Giant malignant gastrointestinal stromal tumor presenting as an intraabdominal abscess
G. Altaca, E. Demiralay, S.A. Kalayci, A.A. Hobek, H. Karakayali, M. Haberal

Underweight in adult celiac patients in the community; is screening program necessary in low weight individuals? 
M.A. Pourhoseingholi, M. Rostami Nejad, K. Rostami, A. Pourhoseingholi, M. Reza Zali