RJGE 2/1998
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Original articles
Long term evolution of patients with functional dyspepsia
M. Mamuc, C. Oproiu, Al. Oproiu

Wt-p53 gene treatment combined with hypertermia and vinorlebine induces apoptosis after ionising radiation on radoiresitant human colon adenocarcinoma cells
J. Gianosis

Histopathological study of the liver of rats intoxicated with CCl4 and Misoprostol
R. Mihaila, L. Safta, M. Deac, R. Mihaila, T. Gospodariu, A. Boicean, D. Cosma

Drainage and resectional operations for chronic pancreatitis
G. Funariu, N. Ionescu, D. Grecea, M. Suteu, R. Scurtu, C. Bumbu

Pancreatico -  jejunostomy after pancreatic resection of tumors from the Oddian region
D. Munteanu, S. Duca, L. Vlad, C. Iancu, F. Pop

Helicobacter Pylori and peptic ulcer disease

Colon cancer screening in the 1990

Case report

Menetrier disease and Helicobacter Pylori
A. Draghici, O. Pascu, V. Andreica, S. Iobagiu, A. Ban

Primary gastric lymphoma. Recent considerations based on two reports
A. Draghici, O. Pascu, M. Cazacu, N. Galatar, A. Ban

Choledocho-colonic fistula in an eldery patient. A case report
S. Cotul,W.T.Hamoudi, M. Acalovshi. O. Chira, O. Pascu

Liver abcess secondary to a hydatic cyst, treated by percutaneus computed tomography guided drainage
M. Stefan, S. Georgescu, I.Iova, M. Voiculescu

Extramucous cricomyotomy for cricopharyngeal achalasia
S. Bancu, D. Zamfir, L. Bancu 

Clinical imaging
RomEcoNet- A Romanian project for telemedicine and distance continous education in ultrasonography
R. Badea

Congress report
Education in gastroenterology
Gastroenterology and hepatologyQuiz ( GE. Q2 )

Liana Gheorghe