RJGE 4/1998
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Original articles
The prevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection in medical staff
V. Andreica, O. Pascu, A. Georoceanu, M Andreica, N.Miu, S. Duca, A. Draghici, L. Bonyhay

Factors modulating the response of the human proximal small intestine distention
V.L.Drug, J. Barlow, D. Covic, Y. Fukunaga, A. Higham, D.G.Thompson

Serum soluble Interleukin-2 receptor in inflammatory bowel disease. Effect of Methotrexate
D.Dejica, P.J. Porr

Early gastric cancer: a clinicopathologic study
S. Valean, M. Petrescu, D. Olinici, A. Ban, A. Lariu, P.A. Mircea, O. Pascu, R. Vlaicu

Pre-treatment staging of colorectal cancer. The value of endosonography
M. Cazacu, I. Simion, R. Badea, A. Petrica, D. Constantinescu, N. Rednic, N. Galatar

Colorectal cancer as a model of carcinogenesis, mutations and their effects
I. Fodor, L. Saveanu, C. Saveanu

Case report
Cystic mucinous tumor of the pancreas. A case report
Z. Sparchez, M. Tantau, B. Diaconu, T. Zaharia, C. Iancu

Education in gastroenterology
Gastroenterology and hepatology Quiz (HQ4)/283

Training in gastroenterology in Romania
Monica Acalovschi

Clinical imaging
Elementary ultrasound changes in digestive pathology

R. Badea