RJGE Vol.13, No.4, December 2004
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An Epidemiological Study of Gastric Cancer in the Adult Population Referred to Gastroenterology Medical Services in Romania – a Multicentric Study
Daniela Dobru1 , Oliviu Pascu2 , Marcel Tantau2 , Cristian Gheorghe3 , Adrian Goldis4 , Gheorghe Balan5 , Felicia Coman6 , Alexandru Fraticiu7 , Eugen Dumitru8 , Eftimie Miutescu9 , Adrian Saftoiu10 , Vladimir Bacarea11

Prevalence and Distribution of the Colonic Diverticulosis. Review of 417 Cases from Lower Silesia in Poland
Katarzyna Blachut1 , Leszek Paradowski1 , Jerzy Garcarek2

Ultrasound Assisted Liver Biopsy for the Staging of Diffuse Chronic Hepatopathies
Ioan Sporea , Alina Popescu , Roxana Stirli , Mirela Danila , Mihnea Strain

Progression of Liver Fibrosis in Blood Donors Infected with Hepatitis C Virus
Giovanni Faria Silva1 , Kunie Iabuki Rabello Coelho2 , Nancy F. Nishimura3 , Elza Cotrim Soares3

Acute Appendicitis in the Elderly Patient: Diagnostic Problems, Prognostic Factors and Outcomes
Sorinel Lunca1 , George Bouras2 , Narcis Sandy Romedea1

No Effect of Short Term Ranitidine Intake on Diclofenac Pharmacokinetics
Adrian Leucuta1 , Laurian Vlase2 , Dorin Farcau1 , Mircea Nanulescu1


Signaling for Inflammation and Repair in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Manuela G. Neuman

Living Donor Liver Transplantation and Hepatitis C
Liana Gheorghe1 , Speranta Iacob1 , Irinel Popescu2

HCV Carriers with Persistently Normal ALT Levels: not Too Much Healthy, not True patients*
Claudio Puoti


Education and Management of Patients with Familial Adenomatous Polyposis. Are we Making Progress? A Case Report
Adina Neagoe , Olimpia Chira , Teodor Zaharia , Carmen Cruciat

Primary Combined Intra- and Extra- Abdominal Actinomycosis. A Case Report
Dimitrios Filippou1 , Charina Triantopoulou2 , Chariton Kolimpiris3 , Spiros Rizos1,3

Hepatic Cirrhosis Associated with Arterial Pulmonary Hypertension
Dan Radulescu , Caius Duncea , Valer Donca

Duodenal Duplication. Is Ultrasound Appearance Enough to Confirm the Diagnosis?
S. Deftereos1 , H. Soultanidis2 , C. Limas2 , A.Tsalkidis3 , E. Gouliamtzi4 , J. Manavis1


Nuclear Medicine Dynamic Investigations of Diffuse Chronic Liver Diseases and Portal Hypertension
Mircea Dragoteanu , Sabin O. Cotul , Stefan Tamas , Cecilia Pîglesan