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2017 Impact Factor: 1.964 Five-year Impact Factor: 2.197
Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge: Journal Citation Reports: 2017 ranking 63/80 (Gastroenterology and Hepatology).

SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) 2017: 72/143 (Gastroenterology)

The Journal of Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases is the winner of the Elsevier Scopus Journal Excellence Award, Romania 2015

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Honorary Founding Editor
Monica Acalovschi

Dan L. Dumitraşcu

Associate Editor
Lidia Ciobanu

Assistant Editor
Teodora Blaga-Surdea
Horia Stefanescu

English language Editor
Sally Wood-Lamont

Biostatistical Consultant
Daniel Leucuta

Thank to our Reviewers 2017

We thank most sincerely the outstanding personalities listed below for their contribution as Reviewers of the manuscripts submitted during 2017. They joined the members of the Editorial Committee in selecting the best manuscripts for publication. Without Reviewers’ expertise, we would not have succeeded to progressively increase the number of manuscripts published (out of the almost 800 from all over the world submitted) and in the same time the quality of the journal.
Abenavoli Ludovico, Catanzaro, Italy
Almeida Raquel, Porto, Portugal
Andriulli Angelo, SanGiovanni Rotondo, Italy
Balcerczak Ewa, Lodz, Poland
Bartos Adrian, Cluj, Romania
Boyanova Ludmila, Sofia, Bulgaria
Buzas Gyorgyi M, Budapest, Hungary
Cananzi Ferdinando CM, London, UK
Canizzaro Renato, Aviano, Italy
Cesari Maurizio, Padova, Italy
Cilio Umberto, Padova, Italy
Ciobanu Lidia, Cluj, Romania
Diculescu Mircea, Bucharest, Romania
Dite Petr, Ostrava, Czech Republic
Ducrotte Philippe, Rouen, France
Dumitrascu L. Dan, Cluj, Romania
Dumitru Eugen, Constanta, Romania
Ellul Pierre, Msida, Malta
Eusebi Leonardo H, London, UK
Facciorusso Antonio, Foggia, Italy
Faioni Elena, Milan, Italy
Faming Zhang, Nanjin, China
Ferenci Peter, Vienna, Austria
Flisiak Robert, Bialystok, Poland
Forget Patrice, Bruxelles, Belgium
Fukui Hirozaku, Nara, Japan
Gheorghe Cristian, Bucharest, Romania
Glocker Oliver, Freiburg, Germany
Graham David Y, Houston, TX, USA
Grgurevic Ivica, Zagreb, Croatia
Grigorescu Mircea, Cluj, Romania
Groenback Henning, Aarhus, Denmark
Hegyi Peter, Szeged, Hungary
Hvas Christian, Aarhus, Denmark
Invernizzi Pietro, Monza, Italy
Isajevs Sergej, Riga, Latvia
Joly Francisca, Paris, France
Kamali Farhad, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Kirstein Martha, Hannover, Germany
Köck Josef, Freiburg, Germany
Kumari Niraj, Luknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
Kupcinskas Limas, Kaunas, Lithuania
Lau Michelle, Sheffield, UK
Leja Marcis, Riga, Latvia
Lemoine Sandrine, Lyon, France
Lenz Luciano, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Leucuta Daniel, Cluj, Romania
Lonardo Amedeo, Modena, Italy
Lorenzo-Zúñiga Vicente, Barcelona, Spain
Lupsor Monica, Cluj, Romania
Mancuso Andrea, Milan, Italy
Mearin Fermin, Barcelona, Spain
Molander Pauliina, Helsinki, Finland
Møller Søren, Hvidovre, Denmark
Molnar Tamas, Szeged, Hungary
Neuman Manuela, Toronto, Canada
Nishimori Hisakazu, Okayama, Japan
Panic Nicola, Rome, Italy
Papa Alfredo, Rome, Italy
Pawlik Tumothy, Baltimore, USA
Peck-Radoslavjevic Markus, Vienna, Austria
Pinho Rolando, Gaia/Espinho, Portugal
Piscaglia Fabio, Bologna, Italy
Portincasa Piero, Bari, Italy
Probert Chris, Liverpool, UK
Ratziu Vlad, Paris, France
Rostami Kamran, Birmingham, UK
Rugge Massimo, Padova, Italy
Sackmann Michael, Bamberg, Germany
Salomone Federico, Catania, Italy
Salvatore Veronica, Bologna, Italy
Sasso Magali, Paris, France
Schlottman FC, Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Seicean Andrada, Cluj, Romania
Shibata Tomoyuki, Toyoake, Japan
Socaciu Mihai , Cluj, Romania
Sporea Ioan, Timisoara, Romania
Strine Tara W., Atlanta, Georgia, USA Tantau Marcel, Cluj, Romania
Thiele Geoffrey M, Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Tiffany Caza, Syracuse, NY, USA
Timmer Antje, Oldenburg, Germany
Tokat Yaman, Istanbul, Turkey
Toru Ishikawa, Niigata, Japan
Toshikuni Nobuyuchi, Ishikawa, Japan
Toshikuni Nobuyuki, Ishikawa, Japan
Tursi Antonio, Andria-BT, Italy
Venerito Marino, Magdeburg, Germany
Waisberg Jaques, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Welker Martin W, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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