Expandable metal stents for the treatment of esophageal malignant obstruction
F. Zhang, G. Ji, L. Miao, Z. Fan

When asking the right question, conventional pH-monitoring provides the right answer
R. Tutuian

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24-hour ambulatory pH-metry in patients with refractory heartburn: a prospective study

R. Talaie, M. Forootan, K. Donboli, N. Dadashzadeh, A. Sadeghi, S. Poorsaadat, B. Moghimi, A.H.M. Alizadeh, M.R. Zali

Interactions between symptoms and motor and visceral sensory responses of irritable bowel syndrome patients to spasmolytics (antispasmodics)
I.L. Khalif, E.M.M. Quigley, P.A. Makarchuk, O.V. Golovenko, L.F. Podmarenkova, Y.A. Dzhanayev

The role of serum chromogranin A in diarrhoea predominant irritable bowel syndrome
R. Sidhu, M.E. McAlindon, J.S. Leeds, J. Skilling, D.S. Sanders

Assessment of small intestinal permeability using 1H-NMR spectroscopy
K. Jayalakshmi, U.C. Ghoshal, S. Kumar, A. Misra, R. Roy, C.L. Khetrapal

Introduction of cytogenetic tests in colorectal cancer screening

A.-I. Suceveanu, A. Suceveanu, F. Voinea, L. Mazilu, F. Mixici, T. Adam

Clinical and pharmacokinetics study of oxaliplatin in colon cancer patients
C. Burz, I. Berindan-Neagoe, O. Balacescu, C. Tanaselia, M. Ursu, A. Gog, L. Vlase, M. Chintoanu, L. Balacescu, S.E. Leucuta, A. Irimie, V. Cristea

HCV genotype 1 is almost exclusively present in Romanian patients with chronic hepatitis C

M. Grigorescu

High Sustained Virological Response Rate to Combination Therapy in Genotype 1 Patients with Histologically Mild Hepatitis C
L. Gheorghe, S. Iacob, M. Grigorescu, I. Sporea, R. Sirli, D. Damian, C. Gheorghe, R. Iacob

Transient elastographic evaluation of subjects without known hepatic pathology: does age change the liver stiffness?
R. Șirli, I. Sporea, A. Tudora, A. Deleanu, A. Popescu

Perihepatic adipose tissue thickness: a new non-invasive marker of NAFLD?

F. Lirussi, N. Vitturi, L. Azzalini, S. Orando, R. Orlando, M. Plebani, G. Realdi

Postcholecystectomy syndrome - an algorithmic approach
M. Filip, A. Săftoiu, C. Popescu, D.I. Gheonea, S. Iordache, L. Săndulescu, T. Ciurea



Complications related to endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography: a comprehensive clinical review
M.L. Silviera, M.J. Seamon, B. Porshinsky, M.P. Prosciak, V.A. Doraiswamy, C.F. Wang, M. Lorenzo, M. Truitt, J. Biboa, A.M. Jarvis, V.K. Narula, S.M. Steinberg, S.P. Stawicki



Quiz HQ 49. Endoscopic esophageal resection for esophageal carcinoma as a complication of achalasia
C. Gheorghe, G. Becheanu, B. Cotruta, S. Suciu

Quiz HQ 50. Perianal pain
R. Durai, H. Hoque, T.W.Davies



Gastric and colonic mantle cell lymphoma - incidental discovery
D. Pitigoi, V. Stoica, R. Stoia, C. Dobrea, G. Becheanu, M. Diculescu

Primary monophasic synovial sarcoma of the duodenum confirmed by cytogenetic analysis with demonstration of t(X;18): a case report
M.M. Company-Campins, R. Morales, C. Dolz, M. Garcia-Bonafé, A. Vilella, P. Huguet

Biliary rhabdomyoscarcoma mimicking choledochal cyst
S. Ali, M.A. Russo, L. Margraf

Primary gastric lymphoma with florid granulomatous reaction
D. El Demellawy, C. Otero, J. Radhi



The role of real-time contrast-enhanced and real-time virtual sonography in the assessment of malignant liver lesions
L. Săndulescu, A. Săftoiu, D. Dumitrescu, T. Ciurea

Magnifying endoscopy and chromoendoscopy of the upper gastrointestinal tract
A.M. Boeriu, D.E. Dobru, S. Mocan



HLA-A*3303 and *3301 predispose patients to persistent hepatitis B infection
A. Ramezani, A. Aghakhani, E. Kalantar, M. Banifazl, A. Eslamifar, A.A. Velayati

Severe autoimmune hemolytic anemia complicated with liver decompensation and invasive aspergillosis in a patient with chronic hepatitis C during treatment with peg-interferon-a and ribavirin
A. Sykia, E. Gigi, E. Sinakos, E. Bibashi, A. Bellou, M. Raptopoulou-Gigi

Familial Mediterranean Fever coexisting with celiac disease: is there a link with long-term colchicine treatment?
Y. Yilmaz, B. Baran, N.B. Seniz, E. Dolar

An unusual cause of upper gastrointestinal obstruction in an adult: annnular pancreas
M. Boomsma, I. van Dop, M. Willems, A. Al-Toma

Cystic hepatic metastasis from gastrointestinal stromal tumor prior to imatinib mimicking a liver abscess
P. Jain, A.K. Jha, R.R. Rai

Atypical presentation of a kidney tumor
F.Q. Parray, A.A. Malik, N.A. Chowdri, H. Samoon, I.A. Bakshi, R.A. Wani

Health-related quality of life in chronic liver diseases: issues and controversies
C. Pojoga

N. Svirtlih