WGO digestive oncology task force: validation of hepatogastroenterologist practice in oncology
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Anca Trifan, M.M. Diculescu, M. Tantau, I. Sporea,
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Incidental association of a hepatic vascular tumor
Y. Wang, H. Zhang

Small bowel splenule mimicking a gastrointestinal stromal tumor
N. Thosani, S. Shah, A. Quesada, V. Machicao

Mucinous adenocarcinoma arising from diffuse serrated adenoma of the appendix which mimics appendicular abscess
F.H. Besir, R. Buyukkaya, H. Erdem, F. Ermis, I. Ozaydin, B. Yazici


Association of genetic polymorphisms in IL17A and IL17F with gastro-duodenal diseases
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The effect of high quality assurance measures in bowel cancer screening on patient satisfaction of colonoscopy
S. Sarkar, V. Athwal, R.P. Sturgess, D. Lythgoe, K. Bodger

Endoscopist-administered propofol sedation is safe - a prospective evaluation of 10,000 patients in an outpatient practice
K. Friedrich, W. Stremmel, A. Sieg

Frequency and predictors of loss of response to infliximab or adalimumab in Crohn's disease after one-year treatment period - a single center experience
T. Molnár, K. Farkas, T. Nyári, Z. Szepes, F. Nagy, T. Wittmann

Low but significant yield of endosonography in patients with suspected sphincter of Oddi dysfunction type III with normal imaging studies
A.A. Siddiqui, D. Tholey, R. Kedika, D.E. Loren, T.E. Kowalski, M.A. Eloubeidi

Fluoropyrimidines plus cisplatin versus gemcitabine/gemcitabine plus cisplatin in locally advanced and metastatic biliary tract carcinoma - a retrospective study
A. Croitoru, I. Gramaticu, I. Dinu, L. Gheorghe, S. Alexandrescu, F. Buica, I. Luca, G. Becheanu, V. Herlea, I. Simionov, D. Hrehoret, I. Lupescu, I. Popescu, M. Diculescu

Contrast enhanced ultrasound and computer tomography diagnosis of solid and mixed pancreatic tumors - analysis of confounders
T.A. Vasile, D. Feier, M. Socaciu, O.M. Anton, A. Seicean, C. Iancu, T. Zaharie, R. Badea


Is there any consensus as to what diet or lifestyle approach is the right one for NAFLD patients?
C. Finelli, G. Tarantino

Endoscopic submucosal dissection of gastric neoplastic lesions in patients with liver cirrhosis: a systematic review
A. Repici, N. Pagano, C. Hassan, S. Cavenati, G. Rando, P. Spaggiari, P. Sharma, A. Zullo


A case of cryptogenic multifocal ulcerous stenosing enteritis: differential diagnosis from Crohn's disease
S.O. Kwon, Y.S. Kim, S.Y. Kim, S.W. Hong, H-K. Lee, J.S. Moon

Double splenic artery pseudoaneurysm associating splenic infarction in chronic pancreatitis
A. Seicean, R. Badea, R. Stan-Iuga, C. Iancu, R. Seicean

Systemic sclerosis-polymyositis overlap syndrome associated with autoimmune hepatitis and cerebral vasculitis
C. Pamfil, M.T. Zdrenghea, P.A. Mircea, R.M. Manzat Saplacan, N. Rednic, S. Rednic

Primary squamous cell carcinoma of the pancreas diagnosed by endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration
G. Zacharia, J. Levine, N.S. Winstead, M.R. Antillon, N.K. Davis


Liver biopsy or transient elastography?
First, do not harm! A. Trifan, C. Cojocariu, C. Stanciu

"Quo vadis" liver biopsy? A multi-centre Romanian study regarding the number of liver biopsies performed for chronic viral hepatitis
I. Sporea, A. Popescu, L. Gheorghe, C. Cijevschi Prelipcean, Z. Spârchez, R. Voiosu

Is the role of liver biopsy changing in hemochromatosis? A non invasive approach is ready
A. Castiella, J.M. Alústiza, E. Zapata, P. Otazua, J. Fernandez, L. Zubiaurre

Buried haemoclips: how long do they remain
T. Kav, O. Harmanci, B.Ozseker

Same day bidirectional endoscopy - does the procedural order matter?
M. Kurien, S. Din, K.L. Dear, D.A. Elphick

Superficial venous thrombophlebitis associated with pegylated interferon alpha-2a treatment in a patient with chronic hepatitis
B M. Kalafateli, C. Triantos, S.K. Kakkos, A. Mougiou, C. Labropoulou-Karatza

Post-polypectomy bleeding in a patient with undiagnosed Moschowitz syndrome
V. De Francesco, C. Ferrandina, S. Balzano, C. Hassan, V. Bruzzese, A. Zullo


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