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The relationship between inflammatory bowel disease and type 1 diabetes mellitus: a study of relative prevalence in comparison with population controls
H.A. Penny, J.S. Leeds, M. Kurien, A. Averginos, A.D. Hopper, M. Hadjivassiliou, S. Tesfaye, D.S. Sanders

Does anatomical distribution of colorectal polyps show a rightward shift? Analysis of 2,372 colorectal polyps in 1,558 patients from Turkey
S. Boga, A.R. Koksal, H. Alkim, M. Ergun, M. Bayram, A.A. Ozagari, C. Alkim

Neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio in Crohn's disease patients predicts sustained response to infliximab 52-week therapy
M.K. Wlodarczyk, A.E. Sobolewska, K. Stec-Michalska, J.J. Fichna, M.E. Wisniewska-Jarosinska

Appendiceal mucocele in ulcerative colitis: a rare association and a crucial preoperative diagnosis

Comment to the article Gastric Cat Scratch - an Upper Endoscopy Finding?
T. Akar, G. Dindar , K. Karagözoglu, D. Malkoç, S. Aydemir

T.M. Carvalho, V.M. Fernandes, J.M. de Freitas