This case reports a iatrogenic gastric fistula due to external draining successfully closed by using an over- the-scope clip. A 50-year old patient with a history of acute pancreatitis, segmental portal hypertension and splenectomy for splenic rupture, with long-term external drainage for a low volume pancreatic fistula, was referred to our hospital. The patient noticed the occurrence of a sudden increase of the drain flow and the immediate drainage of ingested liquid, with no fever or pain. An upper gastrointestinal endoscopy evidenced the gastric fistula with the presence of the drain inside the stomach near a gastric varix. The surgical approach was inappropriate due to bleeding risk. An over-the-scop clip was placed succeeding to stop the gastric flow. The external fistula closed one week later.


delayed perforation, gastro-cutaneous fistula, over-the-scope clip, portal hypertension