Aim. The aim of this paper was to analyze the experience in laparoscopic liver surgery in the Department of General Surgery and Liver Transplantation of the Fundeni Clinical Institute in a six-year interval (1998-2004).

Method. Sixty-one patients underwent laparoscopic liver surgery in the Department during this period. There were 30 patients with cystic lesions (essential cysts  9, multiple cystic liver disease 2, hydatid cysts 19), 31 patients with solid lesions (hemangiomas 9, benign tumors 3, metastases 6 and primary liver malignancies 13).

Results. There was no mortality and the morbidity was 9.83 % (6 patients). The mean follow-up was 20 months. There was no recurrence in the cystic lesion patients nor in the patients with malignant lesions who had undergone curative intended operations.

Conclusion. We are only at the beginning of laparoscopic liver surgery and these results require confirmation in larger series and with a longer follow up. The immediate benefits seem to be those of any miniinvasive surgery: reduced trauma to the abdominal wall, early mobilization, shorter hospital stay, and better cosmetic appearance.



Laparoscopy, liver surgery, liver tumors, hydatid cysts, essential cysts