Aims: to study the association between the presence of the metabolic syndrome or right-sided heart failure and the prevalence of amiodarone induced liver disease.

 Retrospective chart review of patients who received amiodarone for ≥60 days at a university affiliated community hospital. We collected information about clinical progression and liver chemistries on 409 included patients. Subgroup analysis was based on the presence or absence of right-sided heart failure and the metabolic syndrome.

Results: The 409 patients (58% male, 55% Caucasian) had a mean age of 62 years, mean follow up of 37.6 months and mean cumulative amiodarone dose of 295±404 grams. No subjects developed clinical hepatitis, cirrhosis or death related to amiodarone. Eight patients developed amiodarone hepatotoxicity, 5 required discontinuation and 3 required dose reduction of the medication with resolution of the transaminitis in all. No differences in liver chemistries at follow up between patients with or without the metabolic syndrome and with or without right cardiac dysfunction were noted.

: Administration of amiodarone was associated with a low incidence of hepatotoxicity without relationship to cumulative dose. The presence of the metabolic syndrome or right-sided heart failure does not increase the incidence of amiodarone hepatotoxicity.


Amiodarone, liver, drug-induced hepatitis, metabolic syndrome, congestive heart failure