The use of self expandable metallic stents (SEMS) in the palliation of dysphagia due to malignant esophageal stenosis is a gold standard. Covered stents are used in all cases with overt air-digestive fistula or high potential for fistula development. The procedure is associated with a low incidence of procedure-related complications. We present a case with a major accident which developed during stent deployment. The delivery system became blocked and we found it impossible to fully deploy the stent, which remained attached to the introductory system. The stent was forcefully removed and replaced later on with a new stent. This is the first report of a SEMS related accident due to malfunction of the stent deployment system. Stent malfunction is unusual and unlikely to happen, but one should be aware and prepared for such unusual situations.



Self expandable metallic stent (SEMS), esophageal malignant stenosis, incidents and accidents