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Journal of Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases
(former Romanian Journal of Gastroenterology)

Official Journal of the Romanian Societies of Gastroenterology

Romanian Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (SRGH), Romanian Society of Digestive Endoscopy (SRED), Romanian Association for the Study of the Liver (ARSF), Romanian Society of Neurogastroenterology (SRNG)

Editorial Office
Journal of Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases
3rd Medical Clinic Str.Croitorilor no.19-21 400162 Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
Tel./Fax: +40 264 433335.
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Web site: ;

Editor in Chief
Monica Acalovschi (Cluj)

Assistant Editors
Dan L. Dumitrascu (Cluj)
Brînduşa Diaconu (Cluj)

International Editorial Board
Fernando Azpiroz (Barcelona, Spain)
Gabriele Bianchi Porro (Milano, Italy)
Daniel Dhumeaux (Creteil, France)
Petr Dite (Brno, Czech Republic)
Douglas A.Drossman (Chapel Hill,NC,USA)
Peter Ferenci (Vienna, Austria)
Jean-Paul Galmiche (Nantes, France)
Colin Howden (Chicago, IL, USA)
John R. Lake (Minneapolis, MN, USA)
Frank Lammert (Bonn, Germany)
Grigorios Leontiadis (Hamilton, ON, Canada)
Peter Malfertheiner (Magdeburg, Germany)
Francesco Marotta (Milan, Italy)
John F. Mayberry (Leicester, UK)
Chris J.J. Mulder (Amsterdam, NL)

Manuela G. Neuman (Toronto, Canada)
Piero Portincasa (Bari, Italy)
Alfonso Principe (Bologna, Italy)
Chris Probert (Bristol, UK)
Claudio Puoti (Rome, Italy)
Eamonn M.M. Quigley (Cork, Ireland)
Vlad Ratziu (Paris, France)
Michael Sackmann (Bamberg, Germany)
Husain A. Saleh (Detroit, MI, USA)
Eugene R. Schiff (Miami, FL, USA)
Alain Sezeur (Paris, France)
Manfred Singer (Mannheim, Germany)
Guido N.J. Tytgat (Amsterdam, NL)
Radu Tutuian (Zurich, Switzerland)

Editorial Review Board

Vasile Andreica (Cluj, Romania)
Radu I. Badea (Cluj, Romania)
Mircea Diculescu (Bucharest, Romania)
Cristian Gheorghe (Bucharest, Romania)
Liana Gheorghe (Bucharest, Romania)
Adrian Goldis (Timisoara, Romania)
Mircea Grigorescu (Cluj, Romania)
Oliviu Pascu (Cluj, Romania)
Irinel Popescu (Bucharest, Romania)

Paul Jurgen Porr (Sibiu, Romania)
Adrian Săftoiu (Craiova, Romania)
Ioan Sporea (Timişoara, Romania)
Carol Stanciu (Iaşi, Romania)
Coman Tanasescu (Bucharest, Romania)
Eugen Târcovean (Iaşi, Romania)
Anca Trifan (Iasi, Romania)
Liviu Vlad (Cluj, Romania)
Mihai Voiculescu (Bucharest, Romania)

English language Editor

Sally Wood-Lamont (Cluj, Romania)

Biostatistical Consultant:

Teodora Mocan ( Cluj, Romania )

Romanian Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (President: Prof. Monica Acalovschi, Cluj)
Romanian Society of Digestive Endoscopy (President: Assoc. Prof. Cristian Gheorghe, Bucuresti)
Romanian Association for the Study of the Liver (President: Prof. Mihai Voiculescu, Bucuresti)
Romanian Society of Neurogastroenterology (President: Prof. Dan L. Dumitrascu, Cluj)

The web site of the Romanian Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology is

Thank to our international reviewers 2010

The Editorial Committee of the Journal of Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases thanks most sincerely to the outstanding personalities listed below for their contribution as reviewers of submitted manuscripts in 2010. Without their expertise we would not have succeeded with the quality that we have achieved in the development of our journal. The number of manuscripts received worldwide has continued to increase this year, and will hopefully increase even more after having obtained a first Impact Factor of 1.265. A list of these reviewers is permanently published on the website of our journal

Aghemo Allesio, Milan, Italy
Amann Anton, Innsbruck, Austria
Azpiroz Fernando, Barcelona, Spain
Bahr J Matthias, Lübeck, Germany
Bertino Gaetano, Catania, Italy
Berzigotti Annalisa, Barcelona, Spain
Bezabeh Tedros, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Bredenoord Albert J., Nieuwegein, NL
Buti Maria, Barcelona, Spain
Chandran Vishal, Rochester, MN, USA
Chang Joseph, Rochester, MN, USA
Conte Dario, Milan, Italy
Cosgrove David, London,UK
Curtin Karen, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Dai Zhi, Shanghai, China
De Carlis Luciano Gregorio, Milan, Italy
Delchier Jean-Charles, Creteil, France
Deleanu Diana, Cluj, Romania
Dhumeaux Daniel, Paris, France
Dumitrascu Dan, Cluj, Romania
Durazzo Marilena, Turin, Italy
Eckardt Volker, Wiesbaden, Germany
Eliakim Rami, Haifa, Israel
Fendrich Volker, Marburg, Germany
Ferenci Peter, Wien, Austria
Feussner Hubertus, München, Germany
Figueiredo Pedro Narra, Coimbra, Portugal
Fiore Marco, Milano, Italy
Gheorghe Liana, Bucharest, Romania
Ghiringhelli Francois, Dijon, France
Giannelli Gianluigi, Bari, Italy
Giannini Edoardo Giovanni, Genoa, Italy
Gockel Ines, Mainz, Germany
Gomez Merce Vergara, Barcelona, Spain
Grigorescu Mircea, Cluj, Romania
Guslandi Mario, Milan, Italy
Hartmann Roland, Marburg, Germany
Hershcovici Tiberiu, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Igarashi Junsuke, Kagawa, Japan
Jaspersen Daniel, Fulda, Germany
Karayiannakis Anastasios, Alexandroupolis, Greece
Kasprzak Aldona, Poznan, Poland
Keuchel Martin, Hamburg, Germany
Kitsiou-Tzeli Sofia, Athens, Greece
Koornstra Jan J, Groningen, NL
Lange Christian, Frankfurt, Germany
Lash Richard, Irving, Texas, USA
Locke III G. Richard, Rochester, MN,USA
Lopez-Guerrero Jose Antonio, Valencia, Spain
Lupsor Monica, Cluj, Romania
Marchesini Giulio, Bologna, Italy
Marino Ignazio, Philadelphia, PA ,USA
Marotta Francesco, Milan, Italy
Marquardt Jens, Bethesda, MD,USA
Marschall Hanns-Ulrich, Stockholm, Sweden

Mendez-Sanchez Nahum, Mexico City, Mexico
Miehsler Wolfgang, Vienna, Austria
Morse David, Tampa, FL, USA
Mulder Chris JJ, Amsterdam, NL
Munteanu Mona, Paris, France
Nelson Rick, Sheffield, UK
Nervi Flavio, Santiago, Chile
Ohlsson Bodil, Malmö, Sweden
Oldenburg Bas, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Ong Jeannie PL, Singapore
Paradiso Angelo, Bari, Italy
Parente Fabrizio, Lecco, Italy
Parkman Henry P, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Pascu Oliviu, Cluj, Romania
Pontiso Patrizia, Padua, Italy
Puoti Claudio, Rome, Italy
Raica Marius, Timisoara, Romania
Raskin Leon, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Ratziu Vlad, Paris, France
Risio Mauro, Torino, Italy
Rodriguez-Roisin Roberto, Barcelona, Spain
Rosso Stefano, Torino, Italy
Saftoiu Adrian, Craiova, Romania
Saleh Husain, Detroit, MI, USA
Salerno Francesco, Milano, Italy
Sanders David, Sheffield, UK
Sangro Bruno, Pamplona, Spain
Sauerbruch Tilman, Bonn, Germany
Schnitzbauer Andreas, Regensburg, Germany
Sebastiani Giada, Venice, Italy
Seitz Karlheinz, Sigmaringen, Germany
Shawcross Debbie, London, UK
Shrikhande Shailesh, Mumbai, India
Song Guisheng, San Francisco, USA
Spanel Patrick, Praha, Czech Republic
Sparchez Zeno, Cluj, Romania
Stathopoulos GP, Athens ,Greece
Stolte Manfred, Bayreuth, Germany
Tacke Frank, Aachen, Germany
Tantau Marcel, Cluj, Romania
te Velde Antje, Amsterdam, NL
Thomson Sam, London, UK
Tomita Ryouichi, Tokyo, Japan
Tsochatzis Emmanuel, Athens, Greece
Urbain Daniel, Brussels, Belgium
Vaira Dino, Bologna, Italy
Van Brocklyn James, Columbus, OH,USA
Varela Maria, Barcelona, Spain
Vincenzo Villanacci, Brescia, Italy
Vucelic Boris, Zagreb, Croatia
Wasmuth Hermann, Aachen, Germany
Weksler Babette, New York, NY, USA
Yamamoto Seiichiro, Tokyo, Japan
Zhou Wei-Ping, Shanghai, China
Zullo Angelo, Rome, Italy

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Contents lists, abstracts and instructions for the authors are now available on the Internet: .There is free access to the full papers (in PDF format) published in the Romanian Journal of Gastroenterology in 2004 (volume 13, numbers 3 and 4) and 2005 (volume 15, numbers 1-4), and in the Journal of Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases since 2006.
JGLD on line: ISSN 1842-1121.

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