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March 2016, Volume 25, Number 1


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Images of the Issue
Macronodular finding of small bowel as a sign of common variable immunodeficiency
A. Tursi, C.D. Inchingolo

Colonic sarcoidosis presenting as granulomatous appendicitis
T. Iida, K. Yamashita, Y. Arimura, Y. Shinomura

Original Papers
Seroprevalence of hepatitis E virus in autoimmune hepatitis patients in the Netherlands
N.M.F. van Gerven, A.A. van der Eijk, S.D. Pas, H.L. Zaaijer, Y.S. de Boer, B.I. Witte, C.M.J. van Nieuwkerk, C.J.J. Mulder, G. Bouma, R.A. de Man

Effects of smoking on pegylated interferon alpha 2a and first generation protease inhibitor-based antiviral therapy in naïve patients infected with hepatitis C virus genotype 1
T. Zimmermann, D. Hueppe, S. Mauss, P. Buggisch, H. Pfeiffer-Vornkahl, D. Grimm, P.R. Galle, U. Alshuth

A seroprevalence study of hepatitis B and C virus infections in a hospitalized population in Romania, an opportunity for a better national prevention and control strategy
O. Popovici, G.B. Molnar, F. Popovici, D. Janţă, A. Pistol, D. Azoicăi

Double-balloon enteroscopy-detected lipid islets in the small bowel are strong predictors of cardiovascular disease when associated with angiectasia and bleeding
H. Albrecht, W.H. Hagel, A.F. Hagel, M.F. Neurath, M. Raithel

Altered expression of angiotensinogen and mediators of angiogenesis in ileal Crohn’s disease
G.E. Hume, J.D. Doecke, N. Huang, Elizabeth V. Fowler, I.S. Brown, L.A. Simms, G.L. Radford-Smith

The effect of anti-TNFα induction therapy on the nutritional status and dietary intake in inflammatory bowel disease
Á.A. Csontos, A. Molnár, Z. Piri, B. Katona, S. Dakó, E. Pálfi, P. Miheller

Secretin-enhanced magnetic resonance cholangio-pancreatography in pancreatic insufficient and pancreatic sufficient cystic fibrosis patients
K. Jonczyk-Potoczna, J.K. Nowak, E. Madry, K. Katulska, S. Stezowska-Kubiak, J. Moczko,A. Nowicka, A. Lisowska, J.  Walkowiak

Effect of coffee added to a polyethylene glycol plus ascorbic acid solution for bowel preparation prior to colonoscopy
S.W. Jung, I.H. Moh, H. Yoo, S.I. Jang, S.R. Shin, J.B. Kim, S.H. Park, M.S. Lee

Correlation between faecal tumour M2 pyruvate kinase and colonoscopy for the detection of adenomatous neoplasia in a secondary care cohort
A.D. Bond, M.D. Burkitt, D. Sawbridge, B.M. Corfe , C.S. Probert

Probiotics in the treatment of diverticular disease. A systematic review
E. Lahner, C. Bellisario, C. Hassan, A. Zullo, G. Esposito, B. Annibale

Recent strategies for treating stage IV gastric cancer: roles of palliative gastrectomy, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy
K. Izuishi, H. Mori


Case Reports
Duodenal ulcer induced by Hem-o-lok clip after reduced port laparoscopic cholecystectomy
K. Soga, K. Kassai, K. Itani

Recovery from LCDD-associated severe liver cholestasis: a case report and literature review
B. Brilland, J. Sayegh, A. Croue, F. Bridoux, J.-F. Subra, J.-F. Augusto

Enteroscopic tattooing for better intraoperative localization of a bleeding jejunal GIST facilitates minimally invasive laparoscopically-assisted surgery
R. Iacob, A. Dimitriu, O. Stanciulea, V. Herlea, I. Popescu, C. Gheorghe

Non-operative management of necrotic pancreatic collection and bleeding pseudoaneurysm communicating with bowel lumen at multiple sites: a case report and review of the literature
R. Razik, G.R. May, F. Saibil

Isolated gastric varices and use of balloon-occlusive retrograde transvenous obliteration: a case report and literature review
T.R. McCarty, M. Bakhit, T. Rustagi

Calendar of Events
Risk stratification in the management of portal vein thrombosis in cirrhosis
X. Qi, X. Guo, G. Han

Clostridium difficile infection in hospitalized cirrhotic patients with hepatic encephalopathy
F.A. Căruntu, V. Gheorghiță

Causes of hospitalization and characteristics of UC in a population-based cohort in Romania (2014-2015): are there any differences in comparison with the Hungarian population?
A. Dimitriu, R. Iacob, S. Necula, M. Cojocaru, C. Gheorghe, M. Diculescu, L. Gheorghe

P.A. Golovics, Z. Vegh, P.L. Lakatos

The orientation of the gastric biopsy specimen for the gastric atrophy assessment is important
B. Cotruta, G. Becheanu, R. Iacob, C. Gheorghe